Gatik, a self driving start-up focused on “middle mile”, has just completed a $25 million round of financing and is working with retail giant lobraw to expand its business to Canada. Gatik announced on Monday that five self driving vans in the Toronto area will start shipping goods for lobraw from January 2021. < / P > < p > it is reported that the five self driving vans will run on five lines every day, and all vehicles will have a safety driver sitting in the passenger compartment. Before the official delivery, the five trucks have been in the Toronto area for 10 months of pilot operation, marking this is the first freight fleet to be delivered in Canada. In a statement, Lauren Steinberg, senior vice president of lobraw digital, said: “as more Canadians turn to online grocery shopping, we are already looking at ways to improve supply chain efficiency. The middle mile autopilot delivery is a good example. With our first deployment in Toronto, we were able to move goods from automated picking devices multiple times a day to keep pace with PC Express online grocery orders in stores across the city. “. < / P > < p > unlike other automated delivery companies, gatik is not targeted at consumers. Instead, the start-up uses its self driving trucks to transport groceries and other goods from large transit centers to distribution sites. “Retailers know that the biggest inefficiency in logistics operations is usually in the middle mile, usually between the automated picking facility and the retail location,” Gautam Narang, chief executive and co-founder of gatik, said in a statement. That’s where gatik lives and succeeds, and that’s why we can deliver immediate value to our customers. We are happy to work with lobraw to address this critical link in their supply chain. “. Global Tech