Google plans to shut down Android things, a special version of Android for smart home devices. The smart home project, launched in 2015 under the name of Brillo, aims to provide the underlying operating system of the Internet of things;. In 2016, Google revamped Brillo, renamed it Android things, and plans to run on smart speakers, security cameras and router devices. < / P > < p > depending on Android system, this operating system should be familiar to developers and easy to use. However, the system has not improved much since it was launched, so it is a new member of Google’s huge project. Although it was supported by a small number of manufacturers in 2018, it never attracted the interest of other companies. So in 2019, Google will readjust Android things, charging for smart speakers and smart displays. < / P > < p > after two years of frustration, Android things has finally ushered in the fate of being shut down. Android things console will stop accepting new non-commercial projects from January 5, 2021. One year later, on January 5, 2022, the & quot; console will be completely shut down and all project data will be permanently deleted;. Basically any Android developers that have built this project for a year have been closed. Global Tech