Some retailers have launched the non-public version of NVIDIA geforce RTX 3060 Ti last week, and even some models have begun to accept bookings. E-commerce companies including Amazon UK, scan UK, xtrememedia (Spain) and dateks (Latvia) have listed a number of non-public models of NVIDIA geforce RTX 3060 Ti and announced their retail prices. < / P > < p > these graphics cards will be shipped on December 2 and will sell for between 484 and 592 euros. The foundations edition, which NVIDIA has sent to users for evaluation, retails for $399 in the U.S. However, it should be noted that these prices are only preliminary and do not reflect the official recommended retail prices set by NVIDIA or its AIB. In addition, these prices include a high value-added tax, which is why they seem to be more expensive. < / P > < p > in terms of models, Gigabyte geforce RTX 3060 Ti eagle will provide standard and factory overclocking versions. Eagle RTX 3060 Ti model provides 2-slot design and dual fan cooling. The card is a compact design with a dense aluminum radiator and several copper heat pipes in direct contact with the GPU. The recommended TGP of the two graphics cards is 200W. < / P > < p > Gigabyte geforce RTX 3060 Ti gaming OC is equipped with a more advanced three fan and 2.5-slot design. The card has a large cooler shroud that extends beyond the PCB and has vents on the backplane because a third fan will blow air to it. The display outputs on all three cards include two HDMI and two DisplayPort. < / P > < p > inno3d geforce RTX 3060 ti will launch ichill X3 and twin x2 OC series. As the name suggests, twin x2 uses a dual fan cooling system, but we haven’t seen a picture of it yet. The ichill X3, on the other hand, is a powerful three fan design with a 2.5 slot shape. The card is powered by a single 8-pin connector and should be factory overclocking. It also wiggles RGB LEDs on the side panel, which looks great. < / P > < p > the Zotac geforce RTX 3060 Ti twin edge series is available in both standard and overclocking versions. The twin edge OC also appears to have a 1695 MHz GPU clock and a 200W TDP. The card will be powered by a single 8-pin connector. In terms of heat dissipation, the card adopts a compact dual slot dual fan cooling mode, adopts a small PCB board, and has a beautiful metal backplane. Display output includes standard single HDMI and three DisplayPort configurations. < / P > < p > Palit will launch two models, dual OC and gaming Pro OC. As the name suggests, these two are factory overclocking versions, but we will also see them in the more budget optimized non overclocking options. Geforce RTX 3060 Ti gaming Pro OC has three fans and 2.5 slots. The card has a very strong design, with a large metal plate extending above the fan and RGB LEDs in the middle fan. The card comes with a metal backplane and is powered by a dual 7-pin connector configuration, which means users can expect the card to have a higher OC. < / P > < p > Palit geforce RTX 3060 Ti dual OC comes with a more standard dual slot and dual fan design. It’s shaking the black cooler shroud and backplane. The second fan blows air through the large radiator and out of the vent on the back of the card. The card is powered by a single 8-pin connector. The display options include a single HDMI on two cards and three DisplayPort. < / P > < p > in addition to these graphics cards that have appeared on e-commerce websites, MSI has submitted a large number of non-public geforce RTX 3060 Ti graphics card models to EEC. According to Komachi_ Specifications provided by ensaka, including the following models: < A= target=_ blank>Global Tech