At razercon’s online event yesterday, Razer launched its first E-sports chair, iskur, for $499. In order to ensure its success after listing, raptor largely follows the mature design concept of mainstream E-sports chair, which is close to secretlab omega and Titan at the same price. < / P > < p > in terms of appearance design, reclining mechanism, stitching and 4D armrest, the competition chairs of iskur and secretlab are similar. However, Razer revealed to the verge that the company did not cooperate with secretlab and said the chair was “internal design and development”. < / P > < p > unlike secretlab’s eSports chair, one of Razer’s iskur’s biggest advantages is its support for the player’s spine, as you can see from the figure below. Razer said that the adjustable angle (up to 26 degrees) of back lumbar support can help you maintain sitting, improve sitting posture, and reduce the pressure on the middle and lower part of the spinal cone. < / P > < p > the seat of iskur is between omega and Titan. Other iskur functions include memory foam cushion, multi-layer artificial leather, highly adjustable handle, and a memory foam headrest. It can support a body weight of up to 300 pounds and a 6.2-foot-high figure, with a curved back and wide adjustable lumbar support. Global Tech