Not only will the 2020 iPhone no longer come with an adapter, but the price of the product will go up further. After the top model broke through $1000 last year, apple is constantly exploring the price space to achieve higher product profits. Sources say the iPhone’s starting price will rise from $699 to $749 this year, and there is no adapter in the package.

there are many reasons for the price rise, among which the main reason is the support of 5g network. Currently, the cost of supporting 5g network is relatively high. Take Samsung Galaxy S10 launched in 2019 as an example, the retail price of 512gb version of 4G network is $799, while the starting price of 5g version with the same configuration is $1149.

Apple plans to support 5g in the full range of iPhone series of 2020 model year, which means that there will be a greater increase in cost. The cheapest iPhone 12 of the year, though with a smaller screen size than the iPhone 11, is likely to cost more.

according to sources, Apple plans to hold an online launch on September 8 to announce new and exciting new products, including the much anticipated iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro Series, apple watch 6 and the next generation iPad (eighth generation).

it is reported that the new iPhone 12 series will provide 6GB of memory. But the big memory is limited to the top pro version, and the iPhone 12 still has 4GB of memory.

in terms of appearance, the iPhone 12 will change the round middle frame style and return to straightness. At the same time, it was revealed that all the iPhone 12 series were straight glass, and the free charger was cancelled.