After the ignite conference in 2019 was held in November, Microsoft announced that this year’s conference would be moved back to September before the outbreak of the epidemic in January this year. Ignite conference is one of the important activities of Microsoft, which was originally planned to be held from September 21 to 25 this year. However, affected by the epidemic situation, the conference could not be held offline.

Chris capossela, chief marketing officer, announced that this year’s ignite conference will be divided into two online events, replacing the week-long offline event with a “48 hour digital gathering.”. The first online event will be held from September 22 to 24, and the second online event will be held in early 2021, but the exact time has not been announced.

this year’s ignite conference will start to accept registration on September 3. Caposella said the conference next year would be linked to its technology community and the company would “share the latest product developments.”. He added: ‘888]
we learned from this year’s global digital event that we now have the opportunity to bring the entire global community together in one place to create a truly global event. To this end, we will not hold Microsoft ignite tours in different cities around the world this year. On the contrary, Microsoft ignite will bring together all participants from the world, including opportunities for local community meetings. There will be language localization, and participants can obtain skills training through Microsoft learn and certification.