After inviting beta users to test in October this year, everyone is allowed to upload live photos in today’s updated IOS onedrive app. With live photos, your IOS device will record what happened 1.5 seconds before and after you take a picture. What you get is not still images, but moments captured with motion and sound. Onedrive can now store and play back all the actions and sounds of live photos. < / P > < p > after users upload, you can view your live photos on the web and IOS client. To play back actions and sounds in the onedrive client on IOS, you just need to press and hold the photo. On the web, you can click on the “live” badge in the upper left corner of the picture. < / P > < p > if you have uploaded live photos from your device, they will be stored as still photos by default. However, you can easily upload these photos back to onedrive as live photos. < / P > < p > the operation steps are to enter onedrive settings & gt; click “camera upload” & gt; click “re upload from original format” & gt; to switch to “re upload static photos to” live photos “. This action cannot be undone, and live photos will be uploaded in the original format (by default, live photos are captured in HEIC format on IOS devices, while some windows and Android devices cannot be displayed). Global Tech