Apple’s partner, Wistron, plans to hire more than 10000 people in narasapura, India, and a large-scale recruitment exercise will begin next week, foreign media reported. Wistron is one of Apple’s main partners, and the company operates a number of factories in India.

in January this year, wetna set up its third mass production plant in narasapra, one of the largest industrial areas in Karnataka state of India, and started trial production of iPhones. At present, it should be that the relevant commissioning work has been nearly completed, so the production is increasing.

according to new Indian Express, Wistron is preparing to produce iPhones at a “higher commercial” level at the plant. So far, weft is believed to have employed about 2000 people, and the plant plans to provide more than 10000 jobs.

according to the local policy of Karnataka, at least 70% of the jobs need to be provided to the local people, which means that 7000 people will be recruited locally. GAURAV Gupta, Chief Secretary of the Ministry of industry and Commerce of India, confirmed the ongoing recruitment, claiming that “we are pleased to note that the recruitment process has begun. They will start production soon. “