In a recent statement on E-sports plans for 2021, Epic Games said the company had no intention of holding live events. As for the reason, naturally, it is because of the new outbreak. As the epidemic is still raging in many areas, the company is still uncertain about the future. < / P > < p > many people think that the new crown epidemic is over, but it is not. Some countries and regions are experiencing the second wave of the epidemic. It is not clear when the epidemic will be stably controlled, but at least it is certain that the new epidemic will last until next year. This directly leads to many companies to announce that they will continue to promote digital activities in 2021, and Epic Games will also join it. However, due to the epidemic situation, it is uncertain whether the offline competition can be held safely, and it has no plan to hold offline activities in 2021. So the next fortress Night World Cup should be moved online. Epic also said it will continue to promote the FNCs competition on February 4, 2021. Epic believes the date is intended to give players the opportunity to familiarize themselves with new maps and game changes. Global Tech