Personal shopper is a fashion service for women launched by Amazon’s prime wardrobe. < / P > < p > through this service, Amazon’s stylists will select a variety of fashion items based on customers’ style and body preferences. The items are then delivered to customers on a monthly basis for them to try on at home. If customers don’t like these items, they can provide re sealed packaging and prepaid packages for return. < / P > < p > the service itself is similar in many ways to stitch fix, because it also conducts a style test at the beginning of the customer to personalize their monthly fashion choices. But unlike stitch fix, stitch fix charges a stylist fee of $20, which is then charged to anything you choose to keep, while Amazon’s personal shopping service charges $4.99 a month. Another difference is that the personal shopper service reminds you to check their selections before you ship. Then, you can choose up to eight items you want to receive instead of waiting for the surprise to open the box. Global Tech