Once again, there has been friction between apple and its developers. At the hardware event on Tuesday, Apple announced two apple watch and two iPad devices, but unexpectedly announced that IOS 14, iPad OS 14, watchos 7 and tvos 14 will go online on September 16, leaving developers less than a day to prepare. < / P > < p > this unexpected schedule caught many developers by surprise. They were forced to prepare applications for app review in a hurry, and complicated their plans for IOS 14 release day. Developers such as the popular podcast player can only tell users that their planned IOS 14 features are not ready. < / P > < p > while some developers actively follow Apple’s pace, others are less tolerant. As developer Steve Troughton Smith put it, “Apple has added a lot of unnecessary pressure to developers in a year when there was already a lot of pressure.”. Apple’s decision also affects developers who choose to wait to support IOS 14. < / P > < p > in general, developers usually use IOS release days to promote new features of their applications through press releases, blog posts and social media. News reports on app reviews may even include a summary of significant updates to favorite apps, or highlight apps that take advantage of new features of IOS in an interesting way. < / P > < p > consumers may also be affected by unexpected releases, as some app manufacturers warn users that their apps may not work properly on the new operating system until they update their compatibility. A typical example is Nintendo, which tweets that the game “Animal Crossing: Pocket camp” will not run after the IOS 14 update, and requires users who have upgraded to IOS 14 to wait. Global Tech