In the face of traffic jams, bicycles may be more suitable than cars. PR / technology company Wunderman Thompson Paris and eCox enterprises, a French electric vehicle company, have designed an emergency electric bicycle that can be used in urban environment. < / P > < p > UMP in Paris and urban arrow, a freight bicycle manufacturer, also helped with the design and production of the car. The E-bike features a 150 liter insulated medical storage box, a 140 dB bell, a high-intensity flashing blue LED, medical signs on the wheels, puncture resistant tires, GPS devices for position tracking, and USB ports for power supply to portable devices. < / P > < p > the bottom bracket motor, powered by two 500 watt hour lithium batteries, is reported to provide up to 160 km (99 miles), and the hydraulic disc brake provides sufficient braking force for the bicycle. A representative of Wunderman Thompson said: “the emergency bike is now available to any interested emergency service and several of these groups are already requesting it. In fact, the doctors who tested the prototype this summer have bought the first mass production bike and now use it every day in response to city emergency calls. Needless to say, regular ambulances are still needed to get patients to the hospital. Global Tech