Members of the UK telecom industry are worried that the upcoming iPhone 12 will limit its 5g network support in the country, mainly because the apple flagship may not support 700MHz networks. According to the current information, 5g will become an important feature of the iPhone 12 series, and new communication technologies are expected to bring high-speed connections to consumers. < / P > < p > depending on the technology deployed by apple, the iPhone 12 may not be able to support 5g networks of some operators. In an interview with the telegraph, several analysts said Apple’s new phones don’t support the 700MHz 5g band, which could prevent apple from fully cooperating with the operators that use it to build networks. Operators are expected to participate in the 700MHz spectrum auction to be held in early 2021, organized by Ofcom, the UK’s national regulator. In September this year, Reuters reported that after a four-year project involving the re tuning of nearly 20 million television sets, the UK has now cleaned up the 700 MHz radio band, which will be auctioned for 5g networks in January next year. The release of these spectrum resources will help increase the total amount of spectrum resources available for mobile services in the UK by nearly a fifth, according to the UK government. Most UK operators are now waiting for auctions to deploy. However, one exception is three, which has a considerable 5g spectrum. Even if the iPhone 12 does not support 700MHz spectrum, it can still use other bands, which gives three a considerable advantage. < / P > < p > similar to the situation during the launch of the iPhone 5, carrier EE is the only device on the market with sufficient 4G coverage to ensure reliability. Simon Rockman, 5g analyst, said the launch of a 700MHz 5g network after the auction would be “very soon” because they really need it very much. Mr Rockman said the UK telecom industry could talk about “missed opportunities” if Apple did not provide 700MHz support. Global Tech