White Castle, a well-known chain store with nearly 100 years of history, has been using robots to replace some chefs since September due to the global impact of the new crown epidemic. After the success of the pilot, White Castle announced that it would deploy robots in 10 other stores in the United States to fully automate the frying of meat patties. < / P > < p > during an epidemic, it is very difficult to maintain social distance in the usually crowded fast food kitchen, and it is also important to ensure that employees who may be infected with Xinguan do not accidentally contaminate the food. To solve this problem, White Castle decided to use robots instead of people to process some food. To this end, the company introduced the flippy robot, using the roar system to fry, flip and automatically assemble hamburgers. < / P > < p > White Castle says more stores will be equipped with flippy robots in 2021, but it is not clear which stores will be equipped and when the promotion will be completed. “AI and automation have always been important ways for white castle to optimize its operations and provide a better working environment for the team,” Lisa Ingram, chief executive officer of white castle, said in a statement. We believe that technologies like flippy road can improve customer service and kitchen operations. “. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia