Ford is speeding up the electrification of the pickup F-150. Like traditional electric vehicles, the driving range is an important factor for consumers to choose electric pickups. Although many pickup truck drivers use it as a daily means of transportation, many people use it for work. Therefore, if the electric F-150 can not reach or approach the fuel version standard in terms of endurance, it is very likely to affect sales. < / P > < p > and according to the latest published technical patents, the car manufacturer is working on a gas powered extended range generator that can be installed in the rear of an electric pickup truck container. The patent map was submitted to the U.S. trademark and patent office in April 2018, and then published on September 15, this year. < / P > < p > the patent is called “electric vehicle with removable and replaceable extended range generator”. The patent describes an extender that looks like a toolbox and can also be loaded into a truck bed. The document also shows that there will be different models that can increase or decrease the mileage of vehicles. < / P > < p > the patent also shows the connection that will be used to connect the range extender to the vehicle powertrain. What remains a mystery is what kind of engine Ford will use in the range extender package. At present, even its smallest engine is still quite large for such a thing. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States