After being acquired by Microsoft in 2018, GitHub began to remove the relevant code of YouTube DL (an open-source Internet video download command-line application), < / P > < p > according to the deletion request of Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) proposed by the American record industry association (RIAA) The deletion request is not due to the fact that the tool itself has infringement of copyright, but that the tool is illegal based on section 1201 of the US copyright law. According to John bergmayeh, the legal director of public knowledge, the tool violates copyright law because it clearly “bypasses and circumvents the technical protection measures for authorized streaming media services such as YouTube”, “copies and distributes music video and audio files owned by RIAA and uses them without authorization from RIAA member companies”. < / P > < p > however, supporters of YouTube DL believe that the tool has reasonable uses, including downloading your own content from YouTube or backing up videos that may have been deleted for other reasons. Microsoft didn’t make any official comments, saying only that the maintainer of the code has the right to file a counterclaim and, if successful, recover its code. The report shows that the number of app store purchases soared in the first half of this year due to the impact of covid-19