After a long wait, Google finally released its mid tier pixel 4A today. As usual, Google has also launched a matching phone case. Although the case looks no different from the mainstream knitted case on the market, Google says the biggest highlight of the case is the material. Google said the biggest highlight of the case is that it uses more than 70% renewable plastic, which means it is environmentally friendly. The material of two recycled plastic bottles can be used to make five such cases.

the jacquard pattern on the back of the phone case can cover up the damage, whether it’s standard wear or cracks when falling. Google says you can even throw the cases into the laundry to wash them in case they get too dirty and ugly.

in terms of protection, Google said the case uses “edge to edge inner microfiber” to prevent falling damage. The case also has a raised edge that keeps the display slightly raised when you place the phone face down on the surface. All in all, when it comes to fall protection, it seems to be a fairly standard protective cover, only increasing the angle of using recycled materials.