According to the product data sheet, Huazhi plans to carry out USB4 certification for the two usb-cs on the front panel of the fuselage. As the relevant certification plan is still waiting, the current publicity is USB 3.2 Gen 2. Huazhi also said that the thunderbolt 3 device can be used in the front panel type-C port, which will be an interesting test because the logo on the chassis only indicates that superspeed 10Gbps and dp-alt mode support. < / P > < p > compared with other manufacturers’ existing NUC (based on comet lake-u), this key update supports simultaneous output of up to 4 4k60fps screens and 2.5gbe wired LAN interface. The new microarchitecture of tiger Lake based on 10nm production process may help NUC box-1100 exceed 4×4 box-4000u series (based on Renoir Apus) in a single threaded workload. In terms of multithreading and GPU intensive workload, more detailed evaluation is needed. Skip to content

By ibmwl