Kia, a Korean car brand, is popular in the consumer car market for its user-friendly price, rich configuration options and younger and younger model designs. In fact, Kia has also actively worked with governments to launch at least nine models and sell more than 140000 prototype vehicles to military forces around the world. Recently, Kia issued a press release, saying that the company is promoting a mass production of military Light Tactical Vehicles. < / P > < p > this military light tactical vehicle can be regarded as the South Korean version of Hummer, which is based on Kia fierce (Mojave in South Korea and Borrego in North America and China). The concept version of the car is called the kltv (KIA Light Tactical Vehicle), and its appearance is roughly the same as that of a mass production vehicle. Unlike many other light military vehicles, decisions include modern driver assistance systems such as traction control, anti lock braking systems, look around cameras and parking AIDS. < / P > < p > it is reported that the prototype version will soon be tested in South Korea, and the final mass production version is planned to be delivered to the South Korean military in the future. Kia will plan to sell it to industrial and leisure (not yet clear how to define it) customers. Kia has also launched a 5-ton heavy-duty truck, which includes extensive driver assistance technology, a 7.0-liter diesel engine and even hydrogen fuel cell technology. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure