Playstation 5 is very popular right now, and unless you’re willing to buy it at a high price on eBay, it’s very difficult to start with the official price. What’s more depressing is that even if you succeed in grabbing a ps5 at the official retail price, you may be cut off. Kohl & ා s, an American e-commerce company, sent an apology letter to the user because it was oversold. It said that your order had been cancelled. Push square, a gaming blog, said over the weekend that Kohl & amp; 39; s suddenly began offering Playstation 5 game bundles. The package includes a console, an extra dualsense 5 handle, and a free “Marvel spider man: Miles Morales” game, which retails for $640. Subsequently, Kohl & amp; 39; s’s ps5 package was snapped up by users, so that the store eventually oversubscribed and is now cancelling orders from some customers. It is not clear why the e-commerce platform has not set sales quota restrictions to prevent out of stock sales. However, many game player make complaints about Tucao on Reddit and Twitter. They all say they have been hacked out a few hours after placing orders, and have received confirmation email of Kohl&#39 and S. As compensation, Kohl & 39; s allows consumers to retain Kohl & 39; s cash from this order and give back $15 for every $50 spent, which is not a small amount. This means that users who have successfully placed an order for ps5 from Kohl & amp; 39; s can get cash back of 180 yuan from Kohl & amp; 39; s. Global Tech