If you want to be a famous YouTube creator or a twitch live broadcaster, a good set of equipment is essential. However, high-quality products are not necessarily directly proportional to the price. Recently, hyperx, a well-known peripheral company, has launched a USB Microphone, solocast, which is cost-effective. < / P > < p > hyperx says: “solocast provides plug and play audio recording and tap mute, which indicates that it is silent when the red LED is flashing. Using the heart-shaped recording mode, it provides cleaning sound for live broadcast anchor, students and professionals working at home. Solocast’s small size and rotatable bracket and adjustable tilt position enable it to be installed in narrow or narrow places, such as under the display. The attached mounting adapter can be used for both 3 / 8 “and 5 / 8” thread sizes and can be compatible with most supports and booms. “. < / P > < p > Nate almond, the company’s audio business manager, explains: “we are happy to expand the USB Microphone product line by adding hyperx solocast. We’ve been looking for new ways to deliver amazing user experiences and extend our USB Microphone portfolio with our new solocast, bringing another choice to streaming media and content creators. “. Global Tech