Apple’s official website has not yet announced the launch date of MagSafe dual charger, but digitec galaxy, an authorized Swiss dealer, has begun to accept product orders and said it will start shipping on December 22. On the dealer’s website, the parts are shipped between December 22 (Tuesday) and December 30 (Wednesday), but this is likely to be a placeholder and not the actual delivery date. The retail price of MagSafe dual charger is 1049 yuan. The foreign media techcrunch has evaluated this charger before and found it useful but not worth the price. In fact, there are more third-party chargers that are more user-friendly and provide the same functions. < / P > < p > according to the information on the official website, the maximum 11W wireless fast charging can be achieved with 20W usb-c power adapter (purchased separately); 14W wireless fast charging can be realized with 27W or higher usb-c power adapter (purchased separately), which is lower than 15W wireless fast charging provided by MagSafe charger. Global Tech