The G-Wagen racing car “got rid of the concept of perfection” and tried to “subvert the perception of luxury in the future” and “celebrate extraordinary ideas”. It wants to inspire “young artists, engineers and designers to question the status quo,” and Mercedes Benz’s vice president of marketing said it “perfectly sums up Mercedes Benz’s representation of contemporary luxury goods.”. < / P > < p > artists Gordon Wagener and Virgil abloh designed the G wagen in a low-key way, widening it with a large body, including the side exhaust pipes, and polishing half the paint finish. They have completely revamped the interior and installed a video game steering wheel, carbon racing seats, window mesh and fire extinguishers from project one. They also had fat racing tyres with Mercedes Benz written in yellow. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region