Naughty dog, the widely acclaimed developer of the last survivor series, recently announced that the annual commemoration of the affected communities was renamed last of us day from the previous outbreak day. < / P > < p > to commemorate last survivor’s day, the Santa Monica based video game maker announced a range of peripheral products, including the last survivor 2 2xlp (long playing) vinyl record and limited edition posters. The booking will be on sale from September 26 to 30, after which the exclusive posters will no longer be produced. The naughty dog also released a board game called the last of us board game, which was created in cooperation with cmon. This board game is still in development, in addition to the existence, there is no more information. < / P > < p > the naughty dog also announced that the characters in “last survivor” and “last survivor II”, including limited edition statues of Ellie in different poses, as well as the scale model of Ellie and Joel, which can be purchased in pairs or separately. Pre order has started, more information can be found on naughty dog’s blog. < / P > < p > as one of the celebrations of the last survivor’s day, the theme of PS4 dynamic beach with the theme of “last survivor II” has also been exposed and can be downloaded for free in the PS store. All other last survivor II themes and avatars will also be free until September 28. < / P > < p > finally, naughty dog also launched a photo mode contest on its social media called “last survivor II”. The winner of the qualification contest will win Ellie’s dualshock 4 controller, while the runner up will get the limited version DS4 controller of last survivor II. Global Tech