To welcome the coming Christmas, in addition to teachers, classmates, neighbors, grandparents, cousins and friends, children can now add Santa Claus to the friends list on zoom Activities: before December 24, children can have a video conference with Mr. Claus. Each call lasts 12 minutes and can accommodate up to six children and an unlimited number of adults. < p > < p > < p > < p > the entertainment company underbelly, the organizer of the “Santa at home” event, promises to provide a personalized experience. “Thanks to Santa’s superhuman memory and the help of some elves and older children, Santa knows the name of every child he meets (and more…),” the company wrote at the event. The cost of the meeting starts at 42 pounds (56 dollars or 76 Australian dollars). That’s seven pounds per child (about $9 or $13). Privacy Policy