Affected by climate change, technological progress and cost reduction, solar energy deployment is being promoted all over the world. In the process of improving the energy structure, some regions have become increasingly dependent on solar energy, and South Australia is the first region in the world to achieve 100% solar energy supply. < / P > < p > this important and short-lived milestone was created on October 11, this year, when solar energy supplied all domestic and industrial power in South Australia between 12:00 and 1:00 p.m. Sunny days and the right temperature create the right conditions, and roof solar energy contributes most of the energy output. < / P > < p > solar is very popular in South Australia, with more than a third of households equipped with rooftop solar systems, with 2500 installed in 2020 alone. In the midday hour of October 11, 288000 rooftop solar systems were installed, contributing 992 MW, while large-scale solar plants contributed 313 MW. Audrey zibelman, managing director and chief executive officer of Australian energy market operators, said: “in South Australia, the dominance and successful integration of rooftop solar energy foreshadows the reconstruction of Australia’s regulatory power system. South Australia has never had a jurisdiction like this. It is run entirely by solar energy, with 77% of consumers having rooftop solar systems. ” Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure