The “wolf” in the picture below is not a Halloween decoration, but a robot wolf designed by takagawa city in Japan to prevent bear attacks. In 2019, 157 bear attacks occurred in the city. However, according to the guardian, there has been no attack since the installation of the wolf. Conservationists believe that the reason why black bears attack humans frequently is due to the shortage of wild acorns in Japan, which is the main food for black bears to hibernate. Without this high calorie nut, they are forced to move closer to the city to forage. Deforestation and urban development have reduced the barriers between bears and human homes. This led to more contact between bears and people, leading to attacks. < / P > < p > the wolf can make a pack sound, which can scare away the black bear. Black bears and wolves used to live together in the central and northern parts of Japan, but due to hunting and resource competition, the wolf pack was forced to a desperate situation. In a way, the man eating wolves are their modern ghosts. The release and download schedule of Microsoft Flight Simulation varies from region to region