According to the news on October 8, this afternoon, pinduoduo held a celebration for its 5th anniversary. At the event, pinduoduo Chairman Huang Zheng delivered an internal speech, and pinduoduo CEO Chen Lei issued an open letter to its partners. “Although it has experienced rapid development, pinduoduo is still in the primary stage of how affordable it is,” says Huang Zheng. “Pinduoduo, 5, has become a company of the whole society, shouldering huge social responsibilities.”. Huang Zheng pointed out that pinduoduo should continue to do a lot of heavy investment and deep innovation in the field of agriculture. For the future, Huang Zheng said that all members of pinduoduo should “open the hard core mode of struggle”. < / P > < p > in addition to Huang Zheng’s internal speech, on the day of the event, pinduoduo CEO Chen Lei also issued an open letter to partners. In the letter, Chen Lei said pinduoduo will continue to adhere to the “more open” strategic choice and strive to become an e-commerce platform serving the daily life of the overwhelming majority of Chinese people. Today, I would like to give you an annual speech. The past year has indeed been a magical year. All kinds of magical things are happening, and the time is much faster than usual. One year has passed quickly in the blink of an eye. It has been five years since the twinkling of an eye. Along the way, we have experienced a lot, some are not understood, not recognized, but also warm support, flowers and applause. Together, we have created a small miracle, which has changed the pattern of China’s e-commerce and even China’s Internet. < / P > < p > we have created the product form of “shopping together”. We have tried all kinds of products that combine fun and material benefits on a large scale, and created and defined a new e-commerce that is in line with the characteristics of the new era, which is inclusive, people first and more open. With our persistence, we have greatly promoted the rise of China’s agricultural products and helped tens of thousands of poor families. < / P > < p > we have seized the opportunity of mobile terminal reform and rapidly become the mainstream platform to support the daily life of Chinese people with unconventional development speed and courage. Pinduoduo, 5 years old, has become a company of the whole society, shouldering huge social responsibilities. Since the outbreak of the epidemic at the beginning of this year, many of our young colleagues have overcome many difficulties. They have worked overtime throughout the Spring Festival and during the rest of the epidemic to provide security for epidemic prevention materials and means of living for all parts of the country, especially in the epidemic areas. At the same time, we resolutely made great efforts to fight against such abominable behaviors as fake masks and price hikes. We paid a huge subsidy price in the first quarter, but we can also be proud to say that we have made our own contribution to the normal life of hundreds of millions of families and tens of thousands of front-line personnel during the epidemic period. These have also been recognized by the society and the government. Two days before the national day, we also won the medal of Shanghai advanced anti epidemic group. < / P > < p > in the past few months, you may feel more or less the adjustment of the company’s organizational structure. We are particularly happy to see that among thousands of us, there are many more partners willing to play and able to fight, and go to the front line of new business such as buying more vegetables. According to the external media, buying vegetables is community group buying, which is similar to some forms of community group buying in the early stage. However, we do not define this business in this way. Although we were the originator of community group buying, we started from agricultural products. At the beginning of starting our business, we made a small shopping station and put forward the concepts of community site and front-end warehouse. Over the past few years, we have seen that it is still not easy for farmers to upgrade their agricultural products. The production and circulation of agricultural products need to be improved. Many resources are in short supply while a large number of them are idle. With the continuous increase of the upward volume of our agricultural products, our impact on the upstream and circulation fields is becoming increasingly large. With the epidemic situation, consumers need to place orders on the cable, so we decided to buy vegetables. Buying vegetables is a good business, a bitter business, a long-term business, and also a touchstone for many people. The good thing about this business is that it is highly consistent with our own long-term agricultural commitment. We are willing to do a lot of heavy investment, in-depth innovation, and we are willing to transform our traditional agriculture and change the circulation. We should be in line with the change of consumers’ living habits, and solve the daily life problems of ordinary people, so that they can get substantial benefits and improve the quality of life. Whether they make money or not, it is in line with our core of “consumer created value”. < / P > < p > buying vegetables is a hard business. When others are sleeping, you are picking and delivering goods, so that consumers can get fresh dishes before they have to cook. People have to eat every day, and we have to send food every day. It’s really difficult to stay up every day. The pain is obvious. It will be more bitter in the future, because if you do a little better, attacks, rumors and slanders will come from the old forces of various industries and under the new competitive situation, and the misunderstanding of individual consumers will also come. Eat bitter, it is likely to be hard to please, dumb eat Coptis, there is a bitter can not say, do you say bitter? < / P > < p > because this business is hard, it must also be a long-term business, which is a long-term business for many years. It is impossible to gain profits overnight, to win praise in an instant, and to be understood and painstakingly. At present, great changes are taking place in the world pattern and domestic situation, and the epidemic situation has accelerated this change. A lot of things that we are used to, may not be like that any more. In such a big environment, it is not empty talk to open the hard core struggle mode. In the big wind and big waves, we should unite and work hard to change into a piece of broken wood with the wave, which is not an empty word. < / P > < p > as we all know, the basic value of the company is “duty”. The duty is to first make clear their own positioning, create what kind of value for whom, rely on whom to live, and what is their responsibility. The core of pinduoduo’s existence is to create value for consumers. It is our duty to strive for “more benefits and more fun” for consumers. Although it has experienced rapid development, pinduoduo is still in the primary stage of multi benefits. Each of us here has to spend enough time thinking about what stage we are in and what our own tasks are. We should not only think through ourselves, but also make clear with your supervisor over and over again. < / P > < p > the epidemic does not seem to be over soon. In order to fight against the epidemic, the most fundamental thing is to improve their immunity and exercise. Exercise will inevitably lead to muscle soreness, physical fitness and overall function will rise. If you want to live a brilliant life in the epidemic, you can’t just rest in bed, nor can you expect to walk in the breeze to resist the virus. < / P > < p > this is what we do physically and mentally. When the external environment changes dramatically and all kinds of ideas are surging, it is easy for a person to fall into the perplexity of wanting everything and doing nothing. The mind becomes stagnant and premature and affects the physical state of one’s body. To be mentally healthy, young and energetic, like physical exercise, there is bound to be a mental ache to adhere to a further process. There is an old saying that “the sword is sharpened, and the fragrance of plum blossom comes from bitter cold.”. This sentence is more meaningful in today’s situation. If you want to survive, you have to exercise yourself physically and mentally. Only by doing this can you have enough to vomit the old and absorb the new, and your metabolism can live happily. So here I call on you to encourage and supervise each other and exercise together. I will also exercise with you. In the history of China’s Internet, pinduoduo, a five-year-old, is still a young man. Being young means that although we have the speed of development, our arms are still weak and our experience is not perfect. < / P > < p > therefore, since its birth, pinduoduo has adhered to the road of “more open” and hopes to promote the industry to open up. Fortunately, more and more people choose to believe in and join us. < / P > < p > in the past year, although a few platforms still tried to maintain the old pattern with high-pressure monopoly, from the overall perspective of China’s commerce, as consumers increasingly want to have more choices instead of being trapped in a single system, a few big trees in the forest of the Internet have been unable to block all the sunshine. Many new businesses like pinduoduo are scrambling to grow. The emergence and development of pinduoduo is due to the development and evolution of China’s Internet and retail industry, as well as the determination and courage of Chinese enterprises to break through monopoly blockade. With the trust and support of more partners, pinduoduo, a young man, can have the opportunity and ability to serve nearly 700 million consumers in five years, and survive and iterate in the fierce business competition and era change. < / P > < p > I always firmly believe that it is the ordinary consumers in China that make enterprises, rather than a few large enterprises that transform consumers with monopoly status. Therefore, we hope to move forward with partners who stand with ordinary consumers to cover more consumers and meet their life needs. < / P > < p > in the past five years, more and more brands have joined pinduoduo to design and manufacture more cost-effective products for ordinary consumers. More and more industrial belt factories have gained flow and spotlight in pinduoduo, and Chinese consumers can also use their own brands with pride. We have also built a brand new brand together with agricultural producers and logistics enterprises in various regions China’s agricultural products upstream logistics system, so that farmers in the field and urban white-collar in the cloud side by side. The reason why we can’t avoid the gap between today’s Duoduo and its real life is that we can’t help but see the difference between the real life of Duoduo and that of China before the age of 700 million. < / P > < p > with the growth of a new generation of young people and the accumulation of Chinese industry, Chinese consumers will have the opportunity to realize their desire to live a serious life through the Internet. They have their own definition of life, have different pursuit of shopping, and expect more options for the future. Only by being close to consumers, flying at low altitude and understanding the changes, can enterprises have the chance to survive and develop. 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