Pinterest will pay $22.5 million to settle a sex discrimination lawsuit filed by Fran ó oise brougher, the former chief operating officer (COO). Pinterest and brougher will also jointly contribute $2.5 million to charities that support women and underrepresented minorities in the technology industry. The remaining amount will be paid to brougher and her lawyer. The New York Times first reported on the agreement. < / P > < p > the settlement agreement is the largest publicly announced sex discrimination lawsuit. Mr. brougher’s lawyers told the New York Times that while private agreements could be bigger, they would not hold companies accountable in the same way. In a complaint filed in August, brougher said that her salary was lower than that of her male colleagues, she had been excluded from important meetings several times, and was given gender based feedback by pink CFO Todd morgenfeld. When she said this discrimination, she said she was fired. Morgenfeld is still working for the company. After the complaint, ifeoma ozoma and Aerica Shimizu banks, two black women in the policy team, publicly stated that they faced racism and gender discrimination in the company. Both said that despite leading some major initiatives at pinterest, including banning anti vaccine posts and ending the promotion of plantation weddings, their wages were low. < / P > < p > pinterest announced that an external lawyer was conducting an independent investigation into its culture after the allegations. However, more stories continue to emerge. In September, the verge published an article detailing new allegations of workplace discrimination and retaliation – especially against women and people of color in the financial team. In a joint statement sent by email to the verge, brougher and pinterest said. “Pinterest recognizes the importance of fostering a pluralistic, equitable and inclusive work environment and will continue to take action to improve its culture. Francoise welcomes pinterest’s meaningful efforts to improve the working environment and is encouraged by pinterest’s commitment to building a culture of inclusion and support for all employees. ” Epic Games accused Google of monopolizing the latter, which may have a better chance than apple