Although many players have begun to look forward to the ps5 host, not all players like the all white machine. After the official announcement of the host computer, the call for more color matching of ps5 has never stopped. Many players prefer black, and some players want to see customized theme colors for different games. < / P > < p > as we reported earlier, after noticing this demand, a third-party company called platestation 5 started to make custom-made shell products. Because the ps5 shell can be removed, so you can directly purchase a new shell to replace it. Now the company’s products are in short supply, and only hope to be able to ship on schedule after the next generation of mainframe is launched. < / P > < p > today, the company has caught Sony’s attention as its trademark is so fake. After Sony sold, they could only change the brand name, which is now called customize my plates. Fortunately, they only need to change the name, and the panel can still be sold. And now they have launched more products, such as customized black skin for ps5 dualsense handle, and skin for Xbox series X handle. < / P > < p > that is to say, after changing its name, the company can be more self-confident, no longer limited to providing Sony products, but it can’t use the copycat name to touch China Playstation for marketing. In this way, unknown players can also confirm that the company has no official connection with Sony. < / P > < p > as for the products, customizemeplates promises to issue a refund if the player is not satisfied with the product, but the future replenishment time of the current product is not clear. At the same time, Sony has not announced whether it intends to launch the official ps5 shell or sell other color hosts. In the previous exposure video, we have seen the black dualsense handle. If it is true, there may be a corresponding black ps5 host. But first of all, the authenticity of the disclosure is questionable, and it may be Sony’s prototype before the final white host. Global Tech