Make complaints about the game player’s 343. Yesterday, the studio officially released the actual game player of “aura: unlimited”. Some players are full of expectation, but there are also some players who don’t play cool games. Studio 343 said it would also collect more player feedback before considering improving specific aspects of the game. As for the beta testing of the game, studio 343 mentioned this plan last year, but now it seems that whether there is time for beta testing is still unknown.

in the latest issue of halo waypoint development blog, Chris Lee, head of the studio, said that due to the challenges currently facing them in the development phase, their beta test plan is progressing slowly, full of uncertainty and may even fail to achieve results.

“on the halo: Infinity Project, we will work with the player community to build this game. However, due to the unprecedented challenges faced this year, our large-scale public testing is still full of uncertainty.”

“although the current level is different from our original plan, we have been working closely with the player community to build all aspects of the project. Since the early plan, we have been paying close attention to the feedback on artistic style, plot and operation feel. In the past two years, we have focused on the voice of the representatives of secret groups in the player community. Halo: infinity was created jointly with the player community

“the development team is still evaluating the feasibility of conducting extensive trials before the launch. We will share the latest news as soon as possible, but this process of working with players will not end with the launch of the game. In many ways, feedback and testing are more important after the game is released, and together we will continue to evolve and update the game. ”

so, although this blog mainly emphasizes player participation, we need to pay attention to his wording. The public beta test of Halo: infinity is very poor at present, so we can’t rule out the possibility of cancellation.