PNY today announced the new xlr8 cs3040 m.2 nvme SSD, which promises excellent performance and next generation transmission speed. With a sequential read speed of 5600 MB / s and a sequential write speed of 4300 MB / s, this SSD promises a five-year warranty to ensure that your data is properly protected. Faster transfer speeds allow your computer to start up faster and allow applications to open and run faster. < / P > < p > the new SSD adopts the latest nvme Gen 4.0 protocol, which provides significantly faster read-write speed than nvme Gen 3.0. The nvme Gen 4.0 protocol provides enhanced bandwidth, excellent performance and low latency, and is suitable for almost any game PC or workstation PC. < / P > < p > the xlr8 cs3040 m.2 nvme SSD has low power consumption, which improves energy efficiency in general. Even if the drive runs on the ground with a wide range of energy efficiency, it can also keep the data in a wider range. < / P > < p > in addition, some models of xlr8 cs3040 m.2 nvme SSD are equipped with aluminum heat sink, which can heat the top NAND chip, and keep the SSD cool even in humid and high temperature environment. The extruded aluminum radiator adds 45 grams of heat. Compared with other nvme SSD heat sinks, it has eight vertical fins that provide a larger radiator surface and provide the best airflow. < p > < p > PNY said the SSDs would be available in mid November 2020, ahead of the Christmas shopping season, including Black Friday. Global Tech