The adorable car is expected to be another all electric alternative to the Porsche taycan and Tesla Model s, although the automaker has been reticent about whether it has production. Polestar is also preparing for its 2021 debut. < / P > < p > the concept car is roughly the same size as the Panamera of Porsche. It is an electric GT model with a focus on style and sustainability. With its long wheelbase full of batteries, long road trips have become possible, with plenty of legroom and headroom in the back row. < / P > < p > the concept car interior uses recycled PET bottles woven into fabric, recycled fishing nets made into carpets, and long pillows and headrests made of recycled cork. The flax based composites developed by bcomp are not only lighter than plastics or other more traditional materials, but also have a much smaller impact on the environment. Polestar believes that & quot; these elements, combined with digital artistry, define a new high-end luxury that goes beyond the traditions of leather, wood and chrome plating. &Quote; < / P > < p > polestar said that it plans to build a concept in China’s new production base. This crossover vehicle is based on the same core architecture as the polestar 2, and has a first mover advantage in the market. However, the pricing, electric range, number of motors to be installed, power, and the vitality of the design and technology in the concept car are still unknown. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia

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