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Reggie fils Aime, former president of Nintendo North America, recently spoke to the media about the success of NS. In the previous interview, he mentioned that because of Wii U’s poor performance, NS is a “success or failure” for the company. However, after he got the NS prototype and discussed the concept of this host with Iwata, he would never be surprised at what this host can achieve.

“No, NS didn’t surprise me,” he says. I can say that because when I first saw NDS, I felt my hair stand up. The team showed Ren Tiangou’s very, very early prototype at that time. I saw the potential of that model in a flash. Later, the first time I picked up the Wii handle and started playing with the prototype of Wii sport, I knew it would be a magic product. When Mr. Iwata and I sat down and picked up the NS prototype and discussed the concept, I also knew that it was a magical product. “

“I say that because this console solves one of the most troubling problems for players. The trouble is, I have a good time, I play my games, but now I have to stop to work, or I have to go to school, I can’t take the games with me. I can’t keep playing. So ns provides such an opportunity for players to play on large screen TV, and then go out and play in handheld mode, which touches the fundamentals of consumer demand. This is the moment that touches demand. And then the company made a lot of smart decisions, such as supporting unity and the virtual engine, which allowed a lot of independent content to land on the machine. There are many other key decisions

In addition to the basic dual-use version, NS host now has a pure handheld ns Lite. In addition, there have been rumors that Nintendo will launch an enhanced version of the host “ns Pro”, but there has been no official announcement. Maybe it’s in the face-to-face meeting tonight?

According to foreign media GamesRadar, forest of illuminations, a team dedicated to preserving Nintendo’s history, managed to obtain the early development prototype of Nintendo switch. This developer host was launched in 2016, one year earlier than the official launch of switch.

“We got the early development prototype of Nintendo switch from a seller in Hong Kong. The prototype was launched in April 2016, which is the earliest one found so far, almost a whole year earlier than the official release version,” Nintendo collector team forest of illuminations said

As shown in the figure, this switch prototype has no main menu and no joy con handle. This is because the prototype is only used to run test and development tools. Interestingly, on the screen of this host, you can see that it is called “NX”, which means that this is the code before Nintendo switch gets its official name.

Forest of illuminations also mentioned that they would not publish any information on the host because it might be something Nintendo doesn’t want people to have access to.