The national version of Bose QuietComfort earbud is named “Bose noise elimination earplug”. As the first noise reduction true wireless earplug of the brand, Bose noise elimination earplug adopts 11 levels of active noise reduction+ Passive noise reduction design: the former uses built-in and external microphones to synchronously monitor the surrounding environment and the sound in the ear canal, which can produce opposite signals to counteract the noise within one millisecond. Thanks to the in ear earplug design, the earphone can fully fit the ear contour and form a soft seal. It is equipped with “shark fin earmuff” and IPx4 The waterproof level can further improve the stability and comfort in the sports scene. < / P > < p > the control of Bose noise elimination earplug is integrated in the touch panel of the headset. Double click the left ear plug to switch between the preset three noise reduction levels, and long press to enter the preset shortcut operation; the right ear plug is responsible for the basic play control function, double-click to control play / pause or receive / end the call, and long press can arouse voice assistant or refuse to listen to incoming calls. In terms of sound quality, Bose noise cancellation earplug supports dynamic sound quality equalization technology. The official said that the technology can automatically enhance bass and treble. Regardless of the volume, the music, video and voice of the headset are always balanced and consistent. The service life of Bose noise elimination earplug body is 6 hours. With the charging box (supporting wireless charging), it can obtain 12 hours of service life. It also supports 15 minutes of charging and 2 hours of fast charging. < / P > < p > thanks to the redesign of the sound generating unit and cavity, the sound quality style of this real wireless sports headset has been readjusted. The official said that it can bring “clear and strong sound quality performance”, and the matching “shark fin” can also help the wearer not worry about the earphone falling down during sports. The service life of the headset body is 5 With the charging box, an additional 10 hours of listening time can be obtained. Both Bose noise canceling earplugs and Bose sports earplugs have been put on the shelves in China and are in the pre-sale stage at the price of 2299 yuan and 1399 yuan respectively. Global Tech