The past “double 11”, the consumer performance is bright. In the past, e-commerce platforms often require the resident businesses to “choose one” that is, they can only provide goods or services on one platform, and not allow other platforms to carry out business activities at the same time. This year is special. On November 10, the State Administration of market supervision released the anti-monopoly Guide (Draft for advice) on the field of platform economy (hereinafter referred to as “guide”) and made public comments to the society, in which, it made clear provisions on the “two choice and one” of e-commerce platform operators, and attracted attention and hot discussion. In recent years, with the continuous prosperity of China’s platform economy, a number of e-commerce platform enterprises have developed. On these platforms, a large number of operators have settled in and rely on them to carry out business activities. But some e-commerce platforms, in order to consolidate competitive advantages, restrict or even force small and medium-sized businesses in the platform to carry out transactions with themselves, and cannot open stores on other platforms. This kind of behavior will often damage the small and medium-sized businesses in the platform, which is not conducive to the establishment of a healthy market competition order. If we let this approach spread freely, it will damage the “health of the body” of China’s economy, and will not benefit the orderly development of employment and entrepreneurship supported by tens of thousands of small and medium-sized businesses. In order to solve this problem, the guide clearly points out that improper “two choice one” behavior may constitute the limited transaction behavior in the sense of anti-monopoly law. Specifically, it is abusing the dominant position of the market, without any reasonable reason to require the counterpart of the transaction to conduct “two out of one” or other behaviors with the same effect between competitive platforms. If so, from the nature of the view, “two out of one” is a kind of illegal behavior that should be prohibited and punished. If it is a reasonable business model or can prove its legitimacy, it will not be regulated by relevant laws. This regulation of the guide is of great significance to improve the living environment of small and medium-sized businesses in the platform and to create a healthy market competition order. The relevant laws and regulations of China have been existed for the behavior of “two choice and one”. For example, anti unfair competition law, from whether the relevant acts constitute unfair competition behavior, analyzes and regulates it according to law; for example, Article 35 of e-commerce law prohibits e-commerce platform operators, and unreasonably limits the autonomy of operators in the platform through service agreements and trading rules, especially the need to reasonably restrict their trading with other operators; and For example, the relevant provisions of the civil code provide such ideas: whether the terms of service agreement set by e-commerce platform operators in the sense of civil law are invalid due to illegal format terms, whether the platform takes search and reduction of rights to businesses that do not comply with “two choice one” and whether the loss of business operation caused by the platform constitutes infringement or breach of contract against the business, wait. It should be said that different laws and regulations have their own special features and put an end to illegal acts from different aspects, and provide multiple guarantees for the maintenance of legal operation. The guidance issued by this publication is also a very important way to regulate the anti-monopoly law. According to the guidelines, it is necessary to identify that the operators of e-commerce platform who implement the “two out of one” act constitute illegal monopoly, and it is necessary to determine that the corresponding platform has the dominant position in the market and abuse its dominant position in the market. Therefore, once the “two out of one” act constitutes a illegal restricted transaction, the legal liability stipulated in the anti-monopoly law can be used to punish the illegal actor and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the parties concerned. At the same time, we should see that the understanding of the relevant market definition, the discrimination of market dominance status and abuse of market dominance in the guide should be further refined and deepened. This should not only encourage the exploration of relevant definition standards, but also people more expect the guide to be implemented on the basis of perfection. In general, the possible ways of the regulation of “two choices and one” in China are diverse, and the entry points are also diverse. Although there are differences between the regulatory perspectives of each law, they also cooperate with each other, forming a strict system. The publication of the guide makes the systems form a complete closed-loop, which can make the system of regulation more complete. It is believed that with the final implementation of the guide and the connection with other laws and regulations, the development of platform economy in China will be more healthy and orderly. 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