Focusing on a clean future, the Canadian Association of auto parts manufacturers (APMA) recently announced the design of its own electric vehicle. To become Canada’s first zero emission vehicle, project arrow concept hopes not only to reach the pinnacle of a new generation of environmentally friendly vehicles, but also to help speed up the country’s capacity to produce electric vehicles. As a matter of fact, project arrow has already announced at CES in January 2020. It is reported that the first stage goal of the project is to design zero emission vehicles. Currently, APMA has identified an award-winning design from researchers at the school of industrial design, University of Carlton, Ontario, which is said to “appropriately demonstrate Canada’s leadership in this field.” < / P > < p > there are no specific specifications yet, but organizers hope to bring some key improvements across the Canadian automotive industry before turning this virtual design into a real car. This includes improving its electric vehicle development capability, promoting the growth of the electric vehicle supply chain, and bringing new support for the research and development of key technologies in the academic environment. “We feel honored to be able to make our mark on Canada’s growing automotive industry while at the same time playing a role in promoting a zero emission future,” said Kaj hallgrimsson of Carlton University. We designed this car to represent everything in Canada, and we can’t wait to see it on our roads one day. ” IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4