In the domestic luxury car market, although Mercedes Benz is not the leader in BBA, many consumers still think that Mercedes Benz is the big brother of luxury cars. After all, no one in the domestic consumers knows the brand of “Daben”. However, although Mercedes Benz has full marks for its luxury property, its attitude towards customers really makes many car owners feel “very arrogant”. < / P > < p > there are even car owners who insist on Weibo rights protection for 1416 days, and Mercedes Benz can still sit still without giving any positive response. With a “drag word formula” and “the ball kicks smoothly”, car owners can only sigh to themselves. < / P > < p > according to Mr. Li, the owner of the car, he bought a Mercedes Benz E260 coupe coupe in 2015. At that time, the 4S shop promised that the navigation system of the car could be upgraded for free for life. (click here to watch the video) < / P > < p > later, Mr. Li’s car was only upgraded once for free at the 4S store, and he never enjoyed the upgrade service again. Due to the rapid change of domestic road conditions, the navigation system of the vehicle has not been updated for a long time, which can not meet the current demand. < / P > < p > Mr. Li asked the 4S store to upgrade the navigation of the car for free. However, the 4S store responded that Mercedes Benz has no suitable upgrade package and software system, so it can’t upgrade. < / P > < p > then Mr. Li called the official 800 number of Mercedes Benz, and the customer service told Mr. Li to contact the 4S store, and they would also ask the 4S store to respond to Mr. Li. < / P > < p > however, the 4S store’s reply to Mr. Li is still that Mercedes Benz has no official map software and upgrade package, so it is unable to upgrade the vehicle. < p > > the official way of kicking the ball back and forth with Li Benz is very angry. At the same time, Mr. Li said that this map upgrade package is not as the 4S store claims. As far as he knows, there are still upgrade packages. < / P > < p > because he communicated with Mercedes Benz manufacturers and 4S stores for many times, there was no substantive solution. Mr. Li chose to expose his difficulties in safeguarding his rights on Weibo, and had many conversations with customer service on the official platform of Mercedes Benz, but the result was still the same. < / P > < p > moreover, it is worth mentioning that Mr. Li has been more active in safeguarding his rights for 1416 days. It has been nearly four years, but there is still no effective solution and response. Mr. Li said frankly that Mercedes Benz is “arrogant” towards Chinese consumers. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure