Earlier this year, Sony announced that it would make the racing game gt7 part of its big ps5 public event, but did not provide many specific details. Now it’s known that the game will feature a more traditional campaign mode and take advantage of the features of the ps5 dualsense handle. Sony just updated the page of gt7 Playstation store today, including some interesting new tidbits and some screenshots about the game. < / P > < p > most notably, Sony has promised gt7 to target 4K / 60fps games, and support both optical and HDR. Unlike some other early exclusive ps5 games, there is no mention of multiple graphics modes, so GT developers seem to want 4K / 60fps as their target standard. < / P > < p > in the updated information, it is also mentioned that ps5 gt7 benefits from the super high speed SSD, so players can quickly participate in the game, gather in the hall and quickly accept friends’ invitation. There is no loading time when selecting various vehicles. Gt7 will also integrate ps5 adaptive trigger, tactile feedback and tempest 3D sound technology. Privacy Policy