Although a study two years ago claimed to have found fossil evidence of “protofeathers” in pterosaurs, another team put forward the opposite view in an article recently published in the journal Nature Ecology and evolution. In the film and television animation works, people have a lot of association with this kind of creature which has ruled the sky for more than 100 million years, and it is assumed that it has a pair of wings similar to bats. However, the latest research shows that pterosaurs appear to be covered with only a single layer of hair called pycnofiber. < / P > < p > in an old study published in 2018, the Nanjing University team claimed that pycnofiber fibers of some pterosaurs had bifurcated structures (which can be regarded as early versions of feathers), and the structural distribution of four types of feathers was shown with restoration diagrams. However, David Martin of the University of Portsmouth and David Unwin of the University of Leicester, in a new study published recently, suggest that these pterosaurs may have only put on a good sweater, which is still a thousand miles away from the actual feathers. < p > < p > in order to eliminate this misunderstanding, the two researchers conducted in-depth studies on 28 pterosaur specimens with good fiber retention, while the old study only focused on two specimens with bifurcation structure. The new study suggests that the so-called feather structure is actually just aktino fibers. This fiber forms part of the pterosaur’s pterosaur membrane structure, which then bifurcates as the organism decays. Although the idea that pterosaurs had feathers dates back to the 19th century, fossil evidence is still weak to date, according to Unwin. Some exceptional claims cite special evidence, but unfortunately there is no new evidence to supplement it. < p > < p > details of this study have been published in the recently published journal of natural ecology and evolution, with the original title “reply to: no protein on pterosaurs”. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone