The robot has a variety of functions, such as amusing pets, helping owners interact with pets from a distance, and so on. One of the most unique features of the robot is a telescopic arm with a shovel to clean up animal waste.

the pumpkii looks like a large remote control vehicle with built-in cameras and more features. It is understood that the robot is modular in design, so it can be used for different purposes, including teasing cats and dogs, distributing food, playing audio, recording videos and photos, sharing content and cleaning excreta.

and the camera built into pumpkii is essentially an ordinary IP home safety camera. In addition, users can also install something on it, such as a cat Teaser stick, a food box to throw snacks, or a robotic arm. Users can access and control the robot through the matching mobile.

as shown in the video above, the pumpkii has omnidirectional wheels that allow it to move laterally forward and backward. One of the most interesting functions, the robotic arm, allows this tiny machine to take over the task of cleaning up pet waste. The robot can produce litter, shake loose waste and then pour it into the relevant container.

the team behind pumpkii said that they used the open source hardware interface and would provide SDK for users, thus opening the door to other potential uses and modes of home robots. Of course, all this requires the success of the crowdfunding campaign for the product and its eventual introduction to the market. The pumpkii with a robotic arm is expected to retail for $349.

By ibmwl