November 17 news, purple light computer held a new product conference, announced the return of computer business. Its main products are commercial computers, mainly for industry customers. Founded in June this year, Ziguang Computer Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company jointly established by Ziguang and Zhengzhou municipal government. Among them, Ziguang shares account for 51% of the company’s shares, Zhongrong Chuang holds 30% of the shares, and Zhengzhou Zihui holds 19% of the shares. Its business is mainly for commercial computers. < / P > < p > “we think we should be able to do the top three or even the top two.” Wang Hongchen, President of Ziguang Co., Ltd., said that in the industry, what Ziguang does should be the top three, and if it does not, it will not do it. Lin Hao, director of purple light computer, told Sohu technology that the challenges faced by entering the commercial computer market at present include how to cooperate with domestic ecological enterprises to provide a more convenient and easy-to-use environment for Chinese users. It is understood that after about five months of preparation and construction, Ziguang computer has formed a pattern of Zhengzhou as the center, Beijing Double headquarters and Taipei office. The marketing center is in Beijing, and the global R & D center, supply chain center and technical service center are in Zhengzhou. At the same time, purple light computer plans to establish a customer research institute in Zhengzhou next year. < / P > < p > the preparatory work related to purple light computer is progressing very fast. According to the data, in April this year, Ziguang began to build a global headquarters base of smart registration terminals in Zhengzhou, which is responsible for the operation of the global headquarters base project of smart terminals. In June, Ziguang Computer Technology Co., Ltd. was officially registered and established, which improved Ziguang group’s industrial ecological chain strategic layout from core to cloud. In November, ERP phase I was launched, after-sales service was ready, the official website was online, and the new product was officially released. Skip to content