According to foreign media reports, in recent years, there have been many new players in the audio equipment market, especially with the rise of wireless Bluetooth audio. However, few companies can boast that they have decades of development, even in one category, and that’s why Bowers & Wilkins (B & W) is hyping the coming new products. < / P > < p > while px7 carbon edition marks the company’s 10-year history of producing headphones, it is also based on the company’s latest evidence that the company can still grow in the middle of today’s slightly crowded market. < / P > < p > nearly a year has passed since B & W released its first px7 flagship product, and the company claims to have been a great success with earphone wireless headphones. < / P > < p > b & W believes that the carbon fiber composite reinforcement used in px7 is one of the characteristics of the product. The px7 carbon edition doesn’t exactly add more materials, instead it uses a carbon black surface to emphasize this. < / P > < p > internally, it’s almost the same as px7, which was released 12 months ago, which means it provides the same true sound resolution, immersive sound stage and adaptive noise cancellation technology. In addition, it also has the same intelligent functions, such as pressing a button to access Google assistant or Siri, and automatically pausing and resuming audio playback when the headset is removed and put on, respectively. < / P > < p > as a special edition, you may think it will be more expensive than ordinary, but it may be part of the company’s gift to Zhongfen. Bowers & Wilkins px7 carbon edition will be available in October at the same price of $399.99. Global Tech