On the evening of October 21, at the 5g autopilot summit of China Mobile, the unmanned company Qingzhou Zhihang and China Mobile jointly announced that robobus would expand its operation to open roads in cities with the support of 5g network. It also launched the “early bird plan for unmanned public transportation in Suzhou”, and openly recruited the first batch of ordinary citizens with daily commuting needs to take the unmanned bus for free. < / P > < p > the normal operation of 5g unmanned public transport started this time is running on the open roads of the city, and the vehicle speed is controlled at 20-50 km / h. With the help of China Mobile’s 5g network, this unmanned minibus equipped with light boat intelligent navigation unmanned driving scheme can cope with various complex road conditions on urban open roads, such as mixed traffic flow at intersections, people crossing the road, electric vehicle track probes, etc. < / P > < p > at present, the first line opened is Robo bus Q1 road in Suzhou, which is in the shape of 8, with 5 stations in total. It is positioned as the urban microcirculation bus line, covering the conference center, shopping center, high-speed rail station, subway station, commercial office building, etc. of Suzhou high-speed rail new city. In the future, more routes will be opened for the unmanned bus project, which is planned to cover 9.8 square kilometers around Suzhou north railway station. There are 9 passenger seats and 1 driver’s seat for the light boat unmanned light bus. The safety officer who monitors the normal operation of the vehicle is sitting in the driver’s seat, and the driving operation of the vehicle will be completed by the unmanned driving software system developed by the intelligent navigation of light boat. Each minibus will be equipped with a safety officer in the early stage, and will be removed under the guidance of the policy. During the normal operation time of the unmanned bus, passengers can scan the code of the bus and check the current location and estimated arrival time of the next minibus on the mobile phone. < / P > < p > in order to truly play the role of urban microcirculation unmanned public transportation, light boat intelligent navigation and China Mobile launched the “early bird plan” of the project, recruiting ordinary citizens with daily commuting needs and providing services free of charge in the early stage. Members of the public only need to scan their names to have a chance to get places in the early bird scheme. With the opening of more lines, unmanned public transport will be fully open to the public. [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States