Today, SNK’s new work “quanhuang 15” released the publicity image of the role of “grass shaving Beijing”, showing some of the action performance of the role in the new work. Caosu Jing is the aerial character in the fight type fighting game “king of boxing” series of SNK and SNK playmore. He is the hero of big snake and the representative of KOF. He is also the soul of the whole “king of boxing” series. It will be on sale in 2021. Please look forward to it.


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The role propaganda film of “grass shaving Beijing” in “boxing emperor 15”

“Grass shaving Beijing” (CV: Zhizhao qianno)

Caosu Jing is the successor of caosu Liugu martial arts, which guards one of the three kinds of artifact “caosu sword”. It has the ability of ChiYan, and also has a very high talent of fighting martial arts.

SNK series’s latest work “quanhuang 15” is expected to go on sale in 2021.