Due to the impact of the epidemic, the name of Ubisoft’s new shooting game Rainbow Six: blockade, which has not yet been released, may cause misunderstanding. In the previous financial meeting, Ubisoft’s CEO has indicated that the game will be renamed. According to recent news, the game has been renamed Rainbow Six parasite.


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According to the information provided by ORBIS patches, Ubisoft has updated the first day update patch of rainbow 6: parasite on PSN, with a capacity of 14.2gb. Combined with other enthusiasts, Ubisoft has carried out data mining on this patch, which includes archive data icon, guide and menu.

Although Ubisoft has not officially confirmed the renaming of rainbow 6: blockade and rainbow 6: parasite, combined with previous information, it can basically confirm that the series of new works that Ubisoft plans to launch before September 2021 have been renamed.

Rainbow Six: parasite is a 3-player PVE game derived from Rainbow Six: siege. It was originally planned to be launched in 2020, and then Ubisoft announced to postpone the sale to the second half of 2021.