The Razer Tomahawk brand has gone through several iterations, and the name is used in some game PC cases and related systems. But until now, Razer seems to be ready to release a pair of independent Tomahawk chassis products to the public. Some of the most interesting parts and components we’ve seen have entered consumer products. For example, a ventilated top exhaust system, a removable HDD / SD tray, a usb-c port on the front panel, and it also supports up to 360mm radiators. < / P > < p > both devices use suicide tempered glass side panels;. This means that they open in the same way as suicide doors on cars (although the name is breathtaking, they are actually doors that open in the front of the direction of travel. In the age of no seat belts, the design of such doors caused a higher number of fatal accidents.) , the front of both devices is equipped with razerths lighting signs and Razer chroma underglow (LED lighting). [image] Google secretly tests 6GHz networks in 17 states of the United States