As a brand with high cost performance smart phones, realme has been maintaining a strong momentum of development for many years, and has just released the world’s first sled 4K smart TV. In addition to mobile phones, realme also offers wearable devices such as real wireless headphones, but the launch of this smart TV for the Indian market also means that the company has taken an important step in new areas. < / P > < p > although not available immediately, the new technology has aroused our curiosity. It is said that sled is a viable alternative to quantum dots (qled). < / P > < p > as a technical revitalization of the classic LCD platform, sled adopts a new backlight scheme and can suppress most harmful blue light. Therefore, the first sled TV of realme has passed the eye protection certification of TUV Rhine in Germany. < / P > < p > it is reported that the ordinary LCD screen uses white backlight + RGB filter. Although sled is still based on liquid crystal display (LCD) technology, it uses R, G and B three color backlight. < / P > < p > and the popular quantum dot (qled) scheme on the market, it needs quantum dots to absorb blue light and reproduce red or green (LCD layer helps to control the amount of light per pixel), but sled provides its own alternative. < / P > < p > sled not only reproduces more vivid colors, but also ensures that each LED has good accuracy, resulting in a wider gamut and improved image quality. < / P > < p > because of this, realme did not want to take the qled route (Samsung plus and other brands have already sold qled TV products in the Indian market), but chose a better sled technology solution. Global Tech