Xinhuanet is a comprehensive news and information service portal sponsored by Xinhua, the state news agency. It is the most influential network media in China and the Chinese website with global influence.

Xinhuanet Henan branch is a comprehensive support platform for Xinhuanet to operate network and other new media business in Henan. Xinhuanet Henan channel operated by Xinhuanet Henan branch is a comprehensive network new media platform for Xinhuanet to collect and release all media in Henan.

Due to the rapid development of our business, we are now looking for talents from the society. We are looking for 2 marketing managers. After passing the examination and the probation period, they will enjoy various welfare benefits stipulated by the state, and the position and salary will be determined according to the actual situation of the candidates.

I. recruitment position

Marketing Manager (2)

2、 Job responsibilities

1. According to the characteristics of Xinhuanet products, accurately grasp the market and make a correct judgment of market sales.

2. Keen insight into the market, to capture customer demand, to provide customers with suitable project suggestions and programs; to expand diversified sales channels, cultivate good customer relationship, establish customer resource database.

3. Obey the company’s operation and management system, complete the assessment tasks according to the plan, and carry out the work scientifically according to the management requirements.

3、 Qualifications

1. Have working experience in new media field, familiar with the development status and trend of Internet industry and related business, good sales ability and certain customer resources.

2. With pioneering spirit, good professional knowledge, strong copywriting ability and coordination ability, can withstand strong work pressure, with strong team spirit.

3. In principle, those who are under 35 years old, have bachelor degree or above in relevant major, and have new media marketing experience and customer resources are preferred.

4、 Registration method

For those who meet the corresponding job requirements and are willing to join the Internet media industry, please fill in the recruitment application form of Henan Branch of Xinhuanet (attached) and send an email to: [email protected] Email. Please indicate your “position and name” in the subject of the email. At the same time, the materials reflecting my working experience, ability and performance, such as academic certificate, professional title certificate, qualification certificate and ID card, will be uploaded as attachments.

Online registration deadline: March 21, 2021

5、 Relevant requirements

The preliminary examination will be conducted according to the information and materials provided by the applicants. Applicants are requested to provide corresponding proof materials according to the basic recruitment conditions and job qualifications, and ensure the authenticity and validity of the materials. Otherwise, they will be disqualified and will bear all legal responsibilities.

We will keep our personal data confidential. Those who pass the preliminary examination will be informed of the written examination. Those who pass the written examination and interview will be selected.

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