A flat, modular chassis is being invented, with all the steering, suspension, motor, gearbox and brake functions bundled into removable, replaceable & quot; corner units in the wheels. These corner units have built-in electronic devices, so each function can be fully controlled electronically. It’s not just drive by wire, but steer by wire, brake by wire, everything. Therefore, simply install the steering wheel and pedal, it is also willing to accept the instructions from the autopilot system, or even remote control. < / P > < p > what can it do? Almost any type of electric four-wheel vehicle. The large flat battery pack provides a real skateboard chassis; On this basis, the choice of vehicle design is almost unlimited, because no other vehicle chassis can be so flat, and no other chassis can provide so much space to attach any type of body, whether it is a car, a minivan, a truck, a bus, an automatic delivery vehicle or a crazy off-road vehicle. < / P > < p > these tiny detachable angle unit modules are designed to integrate almost every functional feature of the vehicle chassis and powertrain. Each module can be designated to contain a variety of different motor, gearbox, brake, suspension and steering systems, all of which can be fully electronically controlled by the driver. < / P > < p > in case of any mechanical failure, it is easy to deal with it. As long as a few bolts are loosened, the whole module can be pulled open. After repair or replacement, the vehicle can return to the road immediately. < / P > < p > it’s a very flexible and practical system, and now some major car manufacturers are joining in and they see the wisdom behind using a chassis that only needs to be tested and approved once for all kinds of vehicles. < / P > < p > Toyota is working with REE to develop the & quot; flatformer & quot; series of industrial vehicles, from passenger and delivery vehicles to garbage trucks, dining cars and mobile medical services. Recently, Indian auto giant Mahindra signed a memorandum of understanding with REE to develop and manufacture the first batch of up to 250000 commercial electric vehicles. Global Tech

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